Thread: Is there any free text editor that displays number of rows?

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    Is there any free text editor that displays number of rows?

    Is there any free text editor that displays row number? Does microsoft visual c++ have this feature? If it has, how to make it display row number?
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    VS has it it is in the options... a text editor for other use though (other languages and such) Crimson Editor is what i recomend.

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    Great plugins, hex editor, macros, line numbers, tabbed, collapsing functions and statements, support for many languages plus clear and comfortable, almost the whole screen is left for the edit box
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    Thank you both of you!

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    The XP version of Notepad has line number if you turn on the status bar (View -> Status Bar) and you can use CTRL+G to jump to a line.
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    My favourite is still jEdit. Cross-platform, a whole host of plugins, pretty much everything.
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    You could check out the free software sticky; otherwise, try
    • Dev-C++, a C/C++ IDE
    • SciTE, a text editor that can be configured to use Borland C++
    • ConTEXT, a programmers' editor
    • Crimson editor, ditto
    • PSPad, ditto

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