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    failing hardware

    Ok my time have come when I have to sacrifice to the mighty hardware good. I have problem with my harddrive and yes I have a backup on everything so I been playing with reformating with a peacefull mind. Basiclly I am getting I/O errors to my harddrive and after runing chkdisk it finds alot of corrup files and bad clusters. After reformat and reinstalling the OS it do the same thing within minutes. The thing is that if I take the drive and reinstall it in another puter it all works perfectly fine. I been trying this with 3 different harddrives now and they all do the same thing. The problem started without any newly installed hardware or software. I been trying with nothing more installed then the NIC and Graphic card on the motherboard. To me all this sounds like a failing IDE controller on the motherboard (been trying both Primary and Secondary controller with same result) but before I get a new one I would like to hear some more opinions. As a side note it is a asus A7V133 mother board AMD 1200 proc and win 2000 wich I am getting pretty sick of reinstalling by now.

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    what about the IDE cable - if you get little kinks or nicks in them it causes problems. have you tried swapping a new cable in there - its a cheap thing to try at first.
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    LoL...I've reinstalled Windows2000 THOUSANDS of times. Every 2 weeks or so, I find a new way to screw up the computer. You get used to it. Just find a good book to read while it's happening.
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    Could be a RAM chip has gone. Very common.

    Make sure your BIOS is set to maximum test and try to turn the error checking on your RAM on.

    Or try some RAM you know is good.
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    Never thought about the cable. Although I got out a new mother board under warrenty today but if it keep on acting weird I will try cable and RAM.
    Thanks for the input

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