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    New standards

    I have heard a whsiper, but nothing more on this but.,.

    1 Does anyone know when the new standards will be relaeased for C/C++

    2 Will it effect any compilers we are currently using?

    Just curious thats all.


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    The plan is for the committee to come up with a final document by 2008 and the voting to take place during 2008 or 2009. Some compiler vendors will probably start altering their compilers by that time (probably some changes will happen even before the voting takes place since there is hardly surprises with these things).

    However, some changes are already taking place. C++09 (as it is being dubbed) will include C99 because there is the ongoing need for C++ to be compatible with C. So, you are already experiencing those changes. Speaking of what I know, GCC for instance already incorporates some of them (non const fixed array dimensions, new rules for integral constant conversions, to name a couple of the top of my head).

    The idea is of course to not affect current compilers and their versions. There is the need for backwards compatibility. However, needless to say C++09-only features will not compile in pre-C++09 compilers.
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    C has a standard
    C++ has a standard
    C/C++ has zip

    The standards committees seem to manage a new standard about once a decade, so the new C++ standard should be around in say 08/09 timeframe.
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    As for the new C++ standard, you'll probably find more information if you search for "C++0x" (I don't think it's being called C++09 yet) or perhaps TR1 or TR2
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    Well, I don't like this about the new standard:
    Make C++ easier to teach and learn

    * Through increased uniformity, stronger guarantees, and facilities supportive of novices
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    Any 12 year old can't pick up C++. It takes a talented 12 year old. I know this from experience. (Been asked to tutor some kids.)
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