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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    Think your DVD's are safe? BluRay is already looming, waiting for Lucas to wheel out the star wars cash cow for another milking, featuring yet more random floor sweepings under the guise of "deleted scenes" and other "interview with the tea-boy" tripe. Not to mention the ultra extended directors cut remastered with the alternative ending version must-have-for-any-seriously-dumb-collector-with-more-money-than-sense.
    You forget a special "Who shot first" where you can See the famous scene and replace Han solo with Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, or Carrot top.

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    Wow, searched on an old program of mine and it linked directly to one of the source files which even resided inside a zip file... Amazing!
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    On the bright side, this new google feature will give us an answer to those o-so-annoying topic creators who expect code instead of answers to their questions...
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