Thread: MVC++ ver 6 or Microsoft Studio 2005?

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    MVC++ ver 6 or Microsoft Studio 2005?

    Which one do you prefer based on your experience? I tried both. MVC++ ver 6 is less user-friendly but it is more stable than Microsoft Studio 2005. I had to create new project with my existing codes with Microsoft Studio 2005 because it will suddenly state there is error due to some missing system files, which is pretty frustrating. The only thing I like about Microsoft Studio 2005 is I can condense lines of codes by hiding them and expand them later.

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    I prefer Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It has been stable for me.

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    VS 2003.

    Haven't tried 2005, but I would favor just about everything over VC6.
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    MSVS 2005. No stability issues, just some annoying 'bugs' that got through somehow.

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