Thread: anyone here hate when foo bar baz is used in example code?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxorator
    Would you prefer words "egg", "ham" and "apple"?
    Yes I would. Infact just about any word in the dictionary would work better than foo, bar and baz because most words have a meaning that will describe the purpose the word is being used to represent. The words egg, ham and apple are nouns, they describe a single item, like something that would be stored in a array. Words that are verbs should be used as fuction names. Descriptive names document your code. When creating names for code that will teach a programming concept, it should be all the more important to use descriptive/self documenting names, but people choose to use meaningless words that sound like klingon babble. There are rare occasions when you want to explain a programming concept without directly dealing with how that concept is implemented, and in those rare cases you would use non-descriptive words to isolate the code from how it would be applied. But as Mario F mentioned, the use of foo, bar, baz has been exagerated to the point where it is always used for every code example.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shintaro
    To me there is nothing worst when programmers use the words foo bar and baz in generic example code.
    I do not like foo, bar and baz
    I just can't cope with all that jazz

    I do not like them in my code
    I won't be going down that road

    They won't appear in my program
    Not even for green eggs and ham

    I hate to see them in your script
    It sucks and makes me really pipped

    I've never liked foo, bar and baz
    And don't know anyone who has
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    It's pretty much all been said, but this Wikipedia entry explains metasyntactic variables.

    Like any system of mnemonics, they can be very useful if used correctly or pig awful if abused / used incorrectly / overused.
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    *hears the word meta and goes into shell shock*

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