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    Smile high dynamic range imaging

    What's the deal with high dynamic range imaging?
    [edit = deleted]Googling does'nt help[/edit][edit = new] Googling DOES help & wiki[/edit]. it just shows some hdri imaging software products.
    What are those spherical looking *.hdr maps ?
    Do you need special devices to make them?
    Can some one provide me with useful links.
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    1. It produces color values beyond what the monitor can produce.
    2. Spherical HDR maps are simply spherical floating point textures used in hemispheric lighting. MSDN has several articles on this as well as NVidia and ATI.
    3. No. They can be done on your card as long as it supports pixel shader 2.0 or better.
    4. Google. It does help.

    High dynamic range lighting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    High dynamic range lighting.
    Eh, high dynamic range imaging exists aswell
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    I'll checkout the sites...

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