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    Unfortunately where there is a will there is a way whatever it may be.

    Your anaylsis is akin to banning airplanes b/c they can crash and kill people. And they normally kill a lot more people than some random spree.

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    Injuries from firearms are one of the major death reasons in the US. Irrespectively of the fact that (and I do agree) that it's the weapon holder and not the weapon that commits the crime, the fact is it is a government responsibility to tackle and legislate according to their society behavior. This is not happening in the US. It simply is not. This is the same country that has laws against drugs; also a leading cause of death in the US. Where exactly does this make any sense?

    Do I agree with banning of guns? Hell, yeah! But it is also a fact I wholeheartedly agree with Bubba when he says this will not happen in the US. Tradition and culture are strong factors. They are impeditive more often than they are paved roads to changes. Most of us Europeans cannot understand US gun legislation, it's a fact. Our culture differs from that of the US. But that doesn't stop us from also having high crime rates on par with those in the US.

    All in all, the fact is that crimes like Columbine, office shootings, gang wars, etc... have high media exposure giving us the false belief these are common and representative. But we forget about deaths directly caused by alcoholism and drugs. These two alone are the leading death cause in the world. They top wars, crimes, diseases, guns... We should ban alcohol? It is as much as a crime as a gunner shooting innocent people if you have put the perpetrator behind a wheel. It ruins more families than any gun. It destroys lives before it kills them.

    But it would make no sense in banning alcohol. Why would it make sense banning weapons? Because they are more immediate, quicker and effective perhaps. One doesn't hold a bottle of whisky with the intent of killing someone. But you do that with a gun. That is its only purpose. To kill, maim or injure. If you want to practice shooting, by an air gun. Don't buy a Colt. But definitely if you buy an M16, you can only use it for one thing, and one thing alone.

    With that said, again I do agree that weapons are not the sole factor leading to crime. Again, Europe with it's ban on guns has crime rates on par with those in the US. Despite these being dangerous objects that really can only be used for a few things, all involving killing, a ban on guns in US would divide the crountry in half. Some polls I recall from seem to indicate half of the country is against, another half is for. So what good would it do when we know how hard it is for the typical citizen to accept changes in their constitution?

    What I think should really be concerning the government and any good citizen of that country is not guns... but what the hell is happening with you people. Why things like Columbine are happening in such high rates as when compared to other societies? What is happening, what are the causes? How to solve it?

    I feel none of the answer to those questions involve the word "gun". If that is the sole explanation we can find for those problems, then I'm afraid school shootings will keep on happening for a long time.
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