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    It's a good idea, but I wonder if it would meet the same fate as the purposed chatroom ... :/ Would there be added confusion though, with a desired lib forum for both C and C++? Two for the price of one would be messy, IMO

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    We don't need more forums. It will just confuse the issues. This is a C/C++ programming board and while we have forums for specific topics I think adding more would be a major pain in the arse.

    Look at all the junk we get now on the few boards we do have.

    The DOS board used to be the 'game programming' forum of this place. In fact some of the current DX and OpenGL new comers could learn a lot from the old DOS board. The techniques and algorithms used in DOS can be used in any current graphics API and will give you a fundamental low-level understanding of what the heck is going on when you call a certain DX or OGL function to do something.

    I'd rather people learn from the DOS board than the Windows GDI for graphics/games. DX in a nutshell is DOS games programming w/o all the low-level crapola like DMA, PIC, interrupts, keyboard handlers, rasterizers, etc, etc.

    With that said I should add that attempting to do DOS programming on the current XP platform is just about as close to ludicrous as you can get. You can learn from it and implement some of the old VGA techniques under XP, but doing SVGA, sound, music, etc, etc is not a good idea.

    Accessing VGA memory and using page flipping is fundamental to Direct3D and while it handles it for comes in handy to understand it when you start writing pixel shaders, frame buffer effects, etc, etc.

    So give DOS the respect she is due because she got us here. She's an old gal now but in the day she was a hottie.
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    DOS was a man, Bubba. Sorry. You were mislead.
    Staying away from General.

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    DOS was made by a man, do you really think a man would make another man... or would he try and make a woman he could control(ya right...)

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