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    HTML tutorial

    Hi again, I have a rather embarrassing problem right now.

    I'm a part-time web developer and I'm not bad at it but I have a problem. I've just been asked to write a tutorial.
    Does anyone know a tag that will let the code show in browser and not be read by it?
    I can't find one in any of my reference books.


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    i think you can use the <code></code>
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    I was prepared to kick myself so hard then... fortunately I was sensible to try it first.

    Alas... It's such a simple thing you don't really think it could be such a trying problem.

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    I think


    Are for pre-formatted text

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    How about just use an editor, like DreamWeaver or FrontPage?
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    As Salem said, <pre> is what you're looking for...

    Also remember to use

    &lt; instead of <
    &gt; instead of >
    &amp; instead of &
    &quot; instead of "

    not to mess up the output.
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    I can answer that question since I know a lot of HTML and have two websites. To be able to display the tags you must replace the < and > with &lt; and &gt;. Like for example:


    and it will not be read by the browser! Now you know!

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