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Nobody innocent would be carrying around that much cash. And if they are innocent, oh well, it's too damn suspicious.
I misread. You got to be joking.

So, screw the law, right!
Lets all just say if someone carries over... what? What do you reckon is enough to condemn this man to the crime of being guilty? 50,000 USD? 100,000? 78,675 and change?

And what if someone is caught carrying a necklace worth 70,000 USD? Or a ring? Or an Armani suit? Certainly a guy with a 3,000 USD Armani suit and 300 USD underwear plus a 10,000 USD ring and driving a 150,000 USD Porsche GT2 is guilty of something!

Or better yet. Lets do it just to those that don't wear Armani Suits, drive Porches or wear expensive jewelry. Lets do it to those that can't afford a good lawyer to grab that judge by the balls and twist them while holding on the other hand a nice juicy compensation check worth 10 times more what the man had in his posession.