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    What are you doing updating your music when you have to make a User Friendly intro for idiots (like me), who don't know what your game archiver does?

    EDIT :: Does that swis army knife include this one, ahluka?
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    That's a sweet swiss!
    Well Bubba is ( I hope ) going to do a frontend for me in MFC. Besides, a front-end isn't essential since I'll be integrating it into my map editor so that it automatically archives only the files each map needs, for example.

    The only people using this archiver will be me and my other two team members. I guess I might release the source code later on ( quite a lot later ). When I woke up this morning the first thought to enter my head was "I'm ripping out the GUI I knocked out last night and pushing it to the bottom of the todo list".

    Anyways, I always listen to music while I work so if I don't update it I start to get bored with listening to the same stuff, which makes be bored overall, which makes me go and play some RvS or GTA ( or whatever ), so nothhing would ever get done
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    I recorded Mrs.Robinson (by Simon and Garfunkle(sp?)) and Got to get you into my life (by Beatles) from turn table to my PC then converted them to mp3 and put them in my cell phone.
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