Thread: Why the hell haven't I used WinAmp before?

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    People use WMP to play MP3s?

    Jesus, that's depressing.

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    I'm one of those people that use WMP because it's there.

    In my defense, my dial-up connection is too slow for me to actually bother downloading another one that I don't necessarily need.

    On Linux, I use amaroK.
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    I use a multitude of other applications in place of WMP. Watch WMP crash and hang a few times and you'll search out the alternatives too.

    I fail to see how so many multimedia applications can be written to perform their task flawlessly, with an excellent selection of features, and never hang, yet the Media Player designed exclusively for the OS it is shipped with and backed by an unequaled budget, fails so often on a simple request such as playing an AVI.

    I'm an MS convert in many areas, but WMP is the IE of Media Players and its so very sad.
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    I know more people that use iTunes than WMP.

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    I've always used Winamp as it's the only player I'm aware of that has plugins that can play VGM-formats like NSF, SPC, PSF, GSF, USF etc. It is also a very slim player and the DFX plugin makes things sound better, but is not exclusive to Winamp though.

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    I use XMMS when I'm on Linux. I'm having a peeky at this foobar thing right now.
    While listening to some OGG's on WinAmp, of course.

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