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    I went back and looked at my first posts, when I was working on a parser for an output file from a D2 Stash program. Man was that thing poorly thought out and designed. If anyone still used it, I would go back and revise it.

    After that, not many programming questions from me, I can generally find stuff on the net now, or via a quick question on ##C++ .

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    Uh oh, I am so new on these board, but I used to be a SysOp in BBS for about 6 years starting over 10 years ago (between '89 to '95 I think). After we had the BBS shut down (at last) I found myself sitting and reading trough my private SysOp posts starting from post #1 (yeah, the one the BBS software automatically added as first and only post after installing it).

    ...and was humiliated by myself. It was (actually) quite entertaining to read that pile of bollocks and also saddening to take note that experience had extinguished the vile imagination I used to have. Back in the time I launched the BBS there was no limits no boundaries. I was to be the programming god and ruler of all BBS's you know? (well, not like that... but anyway)

    Would have I been on boards longer by now, I would still admit that I ask alot of questions. Mostly I supply also the answer and real question is if others agree with me or give me some sort of confirm that I am heading into right direction. After all those years as a sysop and helping my BBS users to start with C/C++ programming I still believe it's very fruitfull to question own knowledge openly since some others might benefit from it or from the speculation that follows.

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