Thread: Now, wait a sec, How many planets are there?

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    What are we doing to do without an underworld component in the solar system? We've lost our yang. The balance between the gods is all skewed now. We're doomed.
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    well knowledge develops and so do definitions. its good when definitions take precedence over traditions.
    imagine ppl in school being taught: "well thats the "definition" of a planet, but there are some exceptions due to tradition..." i always hated exceptions. (exception handling not included )
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    Watch out! Pluto ( the god of death) will get his revenge . . .

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    from what i know charon the other one and pluto arent planets (yes pluto is no longer a planet watch the news) there considered "dwarf" planets ,if they let pluto be a planet than most liekly thered be another 9 or 10 other things thatd have to be planets and charon didnt they discover that 2 years ago?it was on the news and its status of being a planet had been on and off for a while

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    Charon was discovered in the 80's, I think. Pluto has two other moons. Those are the ones discovered last year. Charon has been considered a moon of Pluto, although it was known from the beginning they rotated around each other, instead of around Pluto as with other moons. It was another controversial decision to add to the many surrounding Pluto since the day of its discovery.
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