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Thread: Please restore the code tag checking script

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwks
    The script could ignore stuff inside tags. That way if you wanted to post a curly brace (like "You forgot a } after the second if") outside code tags you could surround it with noparse tags.
    True that, but the thing about doing that specifically is that people won't do it! If they won't use code tags yady yada yada ... we've been over it before

    But there could be a noparse quick click buttons put around I suppose ... although, that said, I think code tag buttons would be handy for the quick reply! (not intending to hijack this thread for my siggy's purposes) Cause I for one am a lazy guy, and don't really want to type [CODE][/CODE] when it should be easy enough to implement the button.

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    Can we please get a code tag button on the quick reply?
    Yes, it must be.
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