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    Originally posted by Pendragon
    okay, so there aren't that many but programming/gaming females aren't as rare as all that!

    They are rare actually, maybe not somewhere like England where everyone lives inside because of the rain (whereby people would have to learn about computers because of all the rain).

    (Does that actually make any sense ?)

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    I go to a very large technology based private college in the US. It's all Computer science, electronics/computer engineering, telecommunications, business management, etc., and you have to look long and hard just to see a girl there lol. You should see all the guys get excited when we actually have a female in a class from semester to semester. It's funny.

    Congrats Coz, I am glad you are happy with your girlfriend but I think that Katie (My girlfriend), would disagree with you about being the luckiest guy in the world. She tells me that I am all the time.

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