Thread: Hello ya all dwellers.

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    Hello ya all dwellers.

    Just recently I found myself browsing this site alot and just today had myself caught creating also forums account. So I thought to write you all longtimers a Hi-Ho, since I might pop up here on the boards daily in near future.

    Why I found this site now?
    Well, I didnt find this site approximately 7 years ago when I was still coding with C/C++, which got into a stall after my boss said "From now on, every project will be done in VB" (do I hear screams? I still hear my own echoing... and it was VB4 during that time).

    Few months back I was reassigned to completely new projects, away from VB (maybe it was starting to get visible what sinister brain damage coding in VB is causing). Working with (actually) C programming, duh. It's like driving a motorbike after 7 years of driving Lada.

    Thanks to you staff, your site has already proven invaluable to me getting back into C.

    I hope I can contribute to this site as professional with answers while asking the lot of you few noobish questions.

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    some entropy with that sink?

    there are two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness. - franz kafka

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    Nice to see another experienced programmer hovering around. Welcome.
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    Good class architecture is not like a Swiss Army Knife; it should be more like a well balanced throwing knife.

    - Mike McShaffry

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