Thread: Remember Turbo? It is comming back

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    Remember Turbo? It is comming back

    Borland is resurrecting the Turbo line.

    I really have trouble understanding this company. It seems that for the past years it has been struggling between deciding making Delphi their sole flagship product, providing .Net, or directly competing with Microsoft Studio series. Each new release seems to always point in a new direction.

    I'm somewhat sad that they decided to bring Delphi into the same effort level as of their development suit. I always thought Delphi should be their focus having been able to keep it is a very successful programming language.

    However, I do remember Turbo C++. I even ventured into it back then, when most of my programming was done in Clipper and C++ was just a curiosity I wanted to have a taste at. I do remember Turbo C++ was setting the pace of C++ development on Microsoft machines. There was no true competitor. I'm sure that for some of you seeing Turbo C++ on a store shelf will bring a tear of joy... even if you are not going to buy it

    Anyways, lets hope the Turbo editions keep up with the excellence of their recent editors but improves their compiler and debugger.
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    I think the name seems kind of cheesy though - It reminds me of an old K5 or K6 machine I had that had the digital display on the front that read '90', until you pushed the turbo button, and then it read '133'.

    My computer had a turbo..


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