Thread: Recycling old computer stuff

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    Recycling old computer stuff

    Do any of you use old computer stuff for things that it was not
    intended? I have an old AMD box that is being used as an end table.

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    give it a big hard drive and it could be a file server / backup server / cvs server

    kinda like keeping stuff on a second machine rather than just backups all the time
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    high in fiber.

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    If you can't be bothered doing that then there are charity organisations that will ship this stuff out to of countries with plenty of people that can make use of this old stuff in similar ways; International Aid being the most obvious that springs to mind.

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    Well I dunno if this counts, but I'm using the container for about 100 DOS video games as a support for other items in my closet.

    I just cannot part with them even though I could never ever run them again.

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