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    Question Please give your opinions !

    Does anyone of you face this problem?
    Once installed Direct X 8.0 or higher vision, the Direct Draw feature will be automatically disabled. If i reversed it (format and install DX 7.0), everything was fine.
    It is very inconvenient to play game that needs Direct X 8.0. Any solutions or ideas ?

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    Well something like it might have happened to my friend, he installed direct x 8 and it wouldn't work something, I don't quite remember if this was the case. But man thankfully it didn't happen to me so I have no idea how this can be fixed. I guess this reply is not getting you anywhere huh?
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    Why is DDraw disabled? It shouldnt be. DX is 100% backwards compatible.
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    Please give your opinions !
    I don't know where you got this information, but it's incorrect.

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    I don't think DDraw is workable anymore. They combined DDraw and D3D together to have D3D more powerful. But they are hanging both ways. Not done yet, but started. This hangs the DDraw incomplete and can cause problems.

    I heard this from somewhere else (friend). So if I am wrong, I q my friend.

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    Guys, I also face this problem.
    After instaling the Direct X 8.0, the DIABLO 2 couldn't be played anymore and the USAF played with very slow. It was very fluent before. My video display is integrated called SIS 530. Any latest driver that can solve this problem? Or if any solutions?

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