Thread: How was your yesterday?

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    How was your yesterday?

    A brief description of my late yesterday:

    So, I was happily coding my tile-based game and came across a thought ``perhaps this is the time to make the map editor''. New file -> class Map ... Agh, what about now when there needs to be a flexible way to handle n mount of images. Maybe that linked list I've read a bit will do the trick. So, I read a little, coded a little and suddenly noticed that: ``Hey! I can do it now. But what the heck is this: now it crashes every time when I start it and immediatly quit it?'' Well, try to destroy uninitialized BITMAP and see what happens... Well, got that one fixed pretty easily.

    But darn, it would be so much easier and _better_ to do with double linked list. Back to net -> quickly open few pages that google gave me while searching with ``double linked list tutorial'' and meanwhile browsing c-board -> close the connection. ``Now let's see what we got...'' I thinked with my brain cells itching. ``What's that weird symbol, and why so many caps... &!#$@ this is done with Delphi! Darn, where's that second one... Better... This I already know... Ah! Some code finally... Since when was a pointer declared with '^'-sign... Hey... This can't be it... What! A bloody Pascal!'' So there fly away my dream of mastering double linked on that day. ``Well, perhaps I'll just try with only single-linked...'' So, I hacked and cracked a bit more and beginned to felt like that ``Load image'' -box is a bit annoying while it stays on the screen after the loading is done (BTW, check out the fascinating post on the game programming -board by kooma). ``Now where's that allegro.txt again... Ah, heres how to save a screen capture to the disk. I'll just modify it to crop a box that is being left under the file-dialog and save it on the memory instead and load it on to the file-dialog after I don't need it anymore...'' Silly me, those BITMAP objects are pointers and my partial `screenshot' changed along the current screen so I just ended up drawing the same silly box again.

    After I had closely examined Allegro's source files for quite a time and came up with many interesting attempts which all failed miserably I just had enough: bye bye map-editor (at least until I satiate my stomach).

    And who dares to say that one must not start something beyond hes/her capabilites?
    kooma -

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    (at least until I satiate my stomach).
    Ah wisdom. Snackage can cure much. That's probably why programmers have the sterio type of being over weight.

    And who dares to say that one must not start something beyond hes/her capabilites?
    Certainly not me. If it isn't challenging, then it isn't nearly as interesting - and you don't learn as much.

    (For a brief but nicely diagrammed look at double linked lists, go here.)

    Allegro precompiled Installer for Dev-C++, MSVC, and Borland:

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