Thread: What is at address 0?

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    and that with RISC instruction sets you are forced to implement these relatively mundane things yourself, at the bit manipulation level.
    Thankfully, RISC isn't that low level (I'm not saying all chips provide that functionality, just common ones like PA, mips, etc.). Usually less complex instruction sets have more involvement in things like branching, alignment, cache, and usually memory addressing will be much simpler.
    Some good examples of higher level instructions are the string instructions x86 provides--these instructions operate on blocks of data usually pointed to by esi and edi and the direction to move (back or forward) from the addresses given is selected with the direction flag.

    Modern x86 chips actually break instructions up into smaller instructions called microcode which are pretty low level.

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    Kinda unrelated, but someone mentioned 'chips', so I thought I'd post this

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