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    Never try to use real logic when applying something like this to normal users, just use "oh this is neat" logic.
    Why not? That was a serious undertaking, hundreds of man-hours. If you're going to spend alot of time on something why not apply some "real logic" and determine wether it not it will be useful, succesful, or/and fundamental. One or more of those should be present, and I would argue that none are.

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    My point is, it looks like a gimick, and there is a lot of people who love gimicks. I personally dont see this as being used for anything more than that, which is why "whats the reason behind this" is nothing more than for a casual user to have a more entertaining and more realistic(compared to RL) desktop. I mean, I could see my dad getting this since it looks neat and he would like how you could display the pictures on a stack. Another use of thousands of man hours for this same reason is Windows Vista :P (jp jp!)

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    >Another use of thousands of man hours for this same reason is Windows Vista :P
    Personally, I think most of the Vista eyecandy will be useful at least to some extent, as will XGL and whatever Apple comes/came up with ('Quartz'?).

    I agree with Sang-Drax; I'd love to have this just to show friends, but I can picture it getting *really* annoying as entropy slowly takes over and stuff scatters into random messy (or neat) piles of unlabeled(!) icons.

    For interest:
    3d desktop windows

    Many of these look pretty cool.

    EDIT: Especially, check out 3DNA (totally sweet looking) and 3DWonder (looks a lot like XGL/Compiz "Cube" plugin.. wtf?).
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