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    *sigh* I sometimes dream of being a professional programmer, but I'm afraid the boat has already left the port for me! I'm already 28, just got in to programming, ...
    Next week I'll be 27. I've only been programming for about 2 years, and not solid programming because it's just one of many College courses, but I'm starting to show some promise. I don't think that 28 is too late, but it might require that you work harder.
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    I made my career shift at 32 years old. Prior to working as a software engineer I was a pricing analyst in the marketing dept. of a major grocery chain. It is never too late to change careers.

    There may be locations where there are more programmers than jobs. And jobs for inexperienced programmers may be a little tougher to find. But there are programming jobs out there. Just do a quick search on monster or most any other job board.

    Here in AZ I see lots and lots of postings for GIS stuff. Maps and computers. 2 of my favorite things, hmmmm. I may have to start reading up on that.
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    i know a person that started programming for his own purposes at the
    age of 29. he wanted to write music and he developed a program
    (after reading a lot. C/C++, Visual C/C++) so. he showed this to a
    friend of his who knew a programmer. then he got a job in his friend's
    friend company. well, he was 32 when he got the job, still...i think
    that it is better now
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