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    This thread is screaming...close me, close me!

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    >> What do they base that on, given that they needed liquid helium to get this to run at half that speed?

    Remember computers which worked on 33 Mega hertz? Now they run at 33000 Mega Hertz (possibly), ie 3 Giga Hertz. It's not unlikely that the 500 Gig-Hz can be multiplied by the same factor in the same amount of time which it took to multiply the 33 M-Hz to be multiplied. Possibly, I don't know. Forward expectations, but as they always say: The onl perfect science is Hindsight. (PS - sorry for replying to a post two pages previous)

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    you can not just multiply the speed. It is a matter of propagation delay of the chip. And what the chip is made of. in theory the fastest a chip can run is the speed of light. meow!

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    >>in theory the fastest a chip can run is the speed of light. meow!
    Very good, sherlock. Now let's close this thread already?
    Just Google It. √

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