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    voice technologies

    so series really did't kill himself!

    anyway what do you think about the new voice technologies, I was watching a show on how they can literaly (once you train your voice to it) talk to the computer and it will perform commands and type ect... they said it was seemingly mistake free and that even though you have to train your voice by 2005 there should be a working model of one where anybody, with any accent can walk into the room (or whatever and talk to it and it will understandit (or so to speak)

    hmmm interesting . . .
    if a contradiction was contradicted would that contradition contradict the origional crontradiction?

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    We had a very big company in Belgium with great knowledge on this: Lernout and Hauspie. I think they were even world leader. But they decided to mess with the books and now they went bankrupt. I can't believe how stupid they are. They had everything, the technologie, support from the goverment, everyone was proud. All they had to do was having some patience(sp?) and do some more research. Now they lost everything stupid ..........holes.

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    There are hardware chipsets out there that do just that -
    where anybody, with any accent can walk into the room (or whatever and talk to it and it will understandit
    AT&T uses it phone services. Not too expensive, but as far as I know, not usually integrated into PCs yet. Fun stuff.
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    Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional...

    You train your voice to it (you can train multiple voices to it as profiles and change the profile). I used to use it considerably. It is for a PC. It has been available for some time now. The newest release is really efficient I have heard; I have an older one. It can open anything on your computer and simplify tasks (like typing, web browsing, etc etc). I used to search the web with it. You just say

    "click on submit reply"

    and it does it. If there are multiple links with the same name, it acts like an array, and you say "click on submit reply two". You can completely surf and type, hands free. Worked really well when there is no outside noise (like my neighbors lawnmower). I left it on one day and had all kinds of programs open when I came home, because my neighbor was mowing the lawn.

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    Speech technology is great. It has so many applications. Many mobile phone manufacturers have added speech recognition in their phones, the so called "voice-numbers". Just say the name of the person you want to call and the phone will call. Very handy, especially when driving. In the Netherlands everyone who wants to make a phone call while driving, must use a hands-free car kit. It is almost forbidden to touch the phone while driving, so speech recognition is the solution for this.

    A speech recognition system that recognises speech of anyone talking to it? That really sounds interesting. At Philips laboratories they've created a piece of software that can handle many voices, but only voices of which it is trained to recognise.

    And Lernout and Hauspie, I know about them. They were really great. They had a great future, very very stupid to fool with the books. They should know that finance contolling agencies would find that out.

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    Yeah, I use to have Dragon Naturally Speaking. Pretty cool but it ate up way too much of my system resources at the time. When I finally got a better computer, I had lost the disks. Heard they got bought out by somebody...
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    >>Heard they got bought out by somebody...

    Yes, I think it was Lernout and Hauspie who bought them

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