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    SQL Injection? I haven't seen that considered cracking in a long time. If you look at a website like, their tests are so outdated and simple that you wouldn't be able to crack the simplest of secure web servers. And yet, it's riddled with thousands of kids looking for help on the first test so they can crack their school database and change their grades.

    As web security gets more standard, I think attempts at bypassing them will fade. When one type of web security gets cracked, all the sites switch to another. And by the time that's cracked, the first one has updated their security. Even brute-forcing is being taken out of commission with those authorization code pictures. Not to say cracking will go away completely, but it used to seem like the crackers always maintained control, but now it seems like the security is taking it back.

    I apologize, I didn't even read the original post and have no comment on it.
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    Background checks? It might do some good. But just try picking up a book about computer and internet security, and they say exactly how to hack a computer, but for a system adminstrator. You do NOT need to take a hacking course to figure out how to hack a computer. Looking at the number of C++ self-taught programmers (me included), the only thing that stops people from becoming hackers turns into more of a moral issue than a how-to issue.

    That's my opinion.

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    Just for a funny perspective, here's hackthissite's view on the issue.

    It's a really stupid conversation, but this one is hardly any better.

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