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    Problem is engine design. They are trying to use water for an engine designed for gasoline. It would be better if they used an engine designed for hydrogen oxygen. That way it would be more effishent. Gasoline alcohol and hydrogen oxygen burn at different rates so the engine has to be designed for that type of fuel.

    Having a problem with the water injection idea. Sure the heat would make steam and lower engine temperature but everyone knows that sticks and leaves burn better if it is dry so the water would be moisture that dampens everything making ignition more difficult.

    Fun look up sterling engines that run on heat differential. Put one under your car seat and expose you butt and sit on it so that it would power your automobile from the heat of your seat. That way you could have a bumper sticker that says

    455 or well just 455 nobody rides for free

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    They're not using water. The structure they're using is HHO instead of H2O.

    I think HHO is a gas at room temperature (this is how he did the blowtorch). Based on my limited "knowledge" of cars the gas might be administered to a fuel-injected engine. So it seems plausible to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionmane
    They're not using water. The structure they're using is HHO instead of H2O.
    doesn't HHO = H2O?

    isn't it two hydrogen and one oxygen?

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    ok that is twice i disagree with wikipedia. the problem is when companys try to place their trade mark on a chemical compound thus confusing many people. as to what the chemical realy is.

    hoh = hho = h2o aka hydrogen hydroxide

    the other time is when wikipedia said "Water injection is a method for cooling the combustion chambers of engines by adding water to the incoming fuel-air mixture, allowing for greater compression ratios and largely eliminating the problem of engine knocking. This effectively increases the octane rating of the fuel, meaning that performance gains can be obtained when used in conjunction with a supercharger or turbocharger, altered spark ignition timing, and other modifications. Many water injection systems use a mixture of water and alcohol (usually 50/50), partly because the alcohol is combustible, while water is not; in addition, the alcohol serves as an antifreeze for the water.

    again refer back to the sticks and leaves that burn better dryer

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    and btw, I like how you *must* add some form of insult to the post. As if demeaning me changes the facts.
    It has the well thought-out purpose of motivating you to make a substantial argument, which includes backing up sources and minimizing the reliance as much as possible on "hearsay" arguments, which constitutes essentially all of what you've said. People that are mad typically tend to want to retaliate, and the attacks are aimed at the lack of sources...I was hoping you'd find more to back up what you've said as a way to 'fight back' (I actually understand where you were coming from). But your replies are still useless.
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    hoh = hho = h2o aka hydrogen hydroxide
    Hmm it can't just be water, if it was just water it wouldn't react exothermically with oxygen (aka burn) and so would be useless as fuel. Still "HHO" is just a silly name, as you point out if taken literally that really is water.

    Sounds like it's just normal diatomic hydrogen and oxygen. At the moment AFAIK if you want to use water to make that then yea you're gonna have to electrolyse it and that's going to cost you energy which you'll probably get from burning fossil fuels. - water photolysis to create hydrigen is coming along but it's not yet an economical process.

    Edit: Just read their "journal article" on aquablah (, it's nonsense. It's clearly not written by a scientist - the author doesn't know what the words he's using actually mean.

    Water loses it's "polymerisation"... ok then.
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