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    If I was moderator I would lower taxes, invest in programmer education awareness, and kill all hippies.
    I'm not immature, I'm refined in the opposite direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobMcGee123
    If I was moderator I would lower taxes, invest in programmer education awareness, and kill all hippies.
    If I was moderator I'd lower hippies, invest in taxes and kill programmer education awareness.

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    Segmentation Fault: I am an error in which a running program attempts to access memory not allocated to it and core dumps with a segmentation violation error. This is often caused by improper usage of pointers, attempts to access a non-existent or read-only physical memory address, re-use of memory if freed within the same scope, de-referencing a null pointer, or (in C) inadvertently using a non-pointer variable as a pointer.

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    Definitely 3 of the top candidates IMO - congratsalot!
    No No's:
    fflush (stdin); gets (); void main ();

    Example of fgets (); The FAQ, C/C++ Reference

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    OS - Windows XP
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    ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI

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    Hey, if Sean is leaving, is that other guy coming back? What was his name...
    Yeah - he should be back in a couple of weeks actually - we just miss eachother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prog-bman
    Anyways congrats guys and girl. I know you will be a great addition to these boards
    wait, one of them's a girl?

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    I thought these guys/gals are moderator since I registered in the forum.
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