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    Arrow Mega quiz

    How many of you guys have taken the megaquiz and have honestly i.e.
    1. in 1st try
    2. without using reference books,file, etc open
    3. without testing the questions on another comp at the time
    got 100%

    Be honest. I did it a couple of days back and got 60%

    I'm asking so that next time i'll post my doubts directly to you if you really got 100%

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    did it once when I first started here, got an 80 something cant' remeber, haven't looked back

    hmmmm mabe I'll take it again
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    I got something like 90 with no help at all. With help I might have gotten 95. There's no way you can get 100 without knowing the questions in my opinion. Or you have an obsession with C. There exists a healthy level, and that's not 100%.

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    I think I got 70% when I first took it (several months ago!). I might get a bit more now but i know the questions so that might be an unfair advantage!


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    Well question 1 is plain wrong I think. Is
    it binary digits? decimal digits? Even then
    it is not specified whether it is single-precision or double-precision.

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    I couldn't be arsed to bother taking it...

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