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    Java Going Open-Source


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    By releasing the source code, Sun hopes to attract a new group of developers who previously refused to use the language because of the software licence.

    The debate about open sourcing Java has been raging for years and was in part fuelled by IBM. Sun has so far resisted calls to release the code over concerns of fragmentation and forking.

    IBM has argued that releasing the Java source code could attract more developers to the language because it guarantees that Java will continue to evolve independently from Sun.

    The company is asking developers to provide feedback on how to best get there and prevent forking and fragmentation.
    Related - Apache Foundation implimenting own open-source J2SE:
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    Hey I just read that. Yay.
    In other news JC has just updated his blog at armadilloaerospace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahluka
    In other news JC has just updated his blog at armadilloaerospace.
    Um, OK?

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    The license wil be so restrictive that having the source probably won't help anyone.

    The basis of open-source java initiatives is called classpath

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