Thread: MacBook released! What's the best way to buy it?

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    MacBook released! What's the best way to buy it?

    Apple's long-awaited MacBook has finally arrived! I've been waiting for it forever. Anyway, visit for more details, or for a MacBook photo gallery curtosey of ThinkSecret.

    Anyway, that's not exactly the point of this thread. As a resident of Canada, I am wondering which is the cheapest way to buy this baby:

    Option 1: Buy online at and order to my home address
    Option 2: Buy online at and order to my US address, and when I go on vacation, bring it back up to Canada and pay border fines. (I might be able to get a 7-day exemption)
    Option 3: Buy at a retail store in Canada and pay GST and PST

    I can pretty well figure out the cost of options #1 and #3, but I would like to know where I can find the rates of importing from US. Thanks for any help!

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    I wouldn't mind knowing this info myself, I'm thinking of buying one sometime this summer now that they're so irresistably cheap.

    With the way the exchange rate is right now, you'll save a lot of money buying it in USD and shipping it, I would think. My order shaves off about $300 when I order it in USD instead of CAD.
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    Buy it from your schools bookstore and save 10% (or at least apples online student store).

    The new macbooks are pretty sexy, if I manage to save up some cash I'll buy one for my girlfriend (not for me though, I have a macbook pro )

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