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    Defeating spyware and adware should be a technological issue. You shouldn't try to fix technical or user-interface problems of certain operating systems with laws; you should fix the operating system.

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    Very true, although easier said than done. Windows really isn't all that terrible (from the user's perspective, developers have much better reasons to complain) they just accumulate poor decisions over time--like making the display system run at ring 0 and making the initial user account an admin. Vista will do a bit better because all drivers have to be signed, although it's only a matter of time before that is bypassed I imagine. I prefer *nix anyway.

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    That's good news, Salem. I think there should be a lot more than that. Not just on the spyware developers, I think the advertisers should be fined as well if they knew how their ads were displayed.

    Has anyone's computer been so riddled with spyware that they've actually left it alone for a few hours with no browser open only to come back to a desktop with 50 ads on it?

    To the guys saying we shouldn't fine them, we should stop them with technology, I personally feel, there really is no stopping them in that manner. Everything can be got around. Everything.
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