Thread: Have You Programmed Anything Cool?

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    Since all my programs, like Malestrom's, are classwork, I'd have to say my favorite ones was a custom linked list I recently did, and an interesting program on inheritance involving three dimensional shapes.

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    Translating a technique for solving Rubiks cube to a 3d graphics environment was the most interesting, but the most satisfying was automating a scheduling program for work.
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    When I was 12, I learned C++ (just console, no GUI programming). When I was 13, I learned DirectDraw API and made a cool 2D game. I think it was called "Uniworld" It had a wall, with rocks dislodging and falling on the charecter who is trying to climb up the wall. Unfortunately, I forgot to back up the game when I formatted my hard drive. Oh well, it wasn't that great of a game, just cool that I wrote it when I was 13.

    Later, I found that my idea was not that original. I found basically the same game in Legend Of Zelda: The minish cap, when you're climbing Mount Crenal (I don't know if any of you guys have played this game).

    The cool thing about my programming knowledge is that I'm self taught, and have never taken any programming courses in school or college.

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    The cool thing about my programming knowledge is that I'm self taught, and have never taken any programming courses in school or college.
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    I wrote code!
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    I think the coolest thing I have written... is an DLL for mIRC which shows information for a game through dialog boxes. I'm pretty proud of it since its the most useful thing I have actually written :P Most of my other programs are really just me messing around with stuff, or applying knowledge I have just picked up.

    I'm currently about to start designing & writing my own little 3D game engine once I finish my exams =) if that goes well, it should kick ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prelude
    >lemmie just stop at saying that i write cooler code than you EVER
    >will... cause im cooler and smarter than you.
    Impossible. I'm the source of all cool, so any cool you have came from me originally and you're just borrowing it.
    you are contending my coolness then?
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    Im sort of new to programming but if you count flash actionscripting I wrote quite a cool driving game. It took me ages and ages but I eventually finished it and I think it is cool.

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    Last year I had a college project - to implement the Viterbi
    algorithm for decoding convolutionally encoded data. The
    objective was to implement a specific encoder circuit on an FPGA,
    and decode it using the algorithm which was to be implemented
    in C. The user would define a byte of data (the last 3 bits needed
    to be 0 as part of the algorithm), this would be then be sent to
    the FPGA and a 2 byte codeword was retrieved. Then the user
    was allowed to corrupt specific bits in the word, and then the
    algorithm had to attempt to decode it. The algorithm is used
    in mobile communications such as GSM and Wi-Fi networks.

    The code was only about 800 lines long, but it is still the longest
    thing I've worked on - and considering how little I knew about
    programming at the time (or as some might say not much more
    now ), it was a great achievement when it worked. The
    algorithm itself took only about 150 lines, the rest was a whole
    load of extra features that I put in, such as a nice and colorful
    console interface, riddled with error checks, the option to enter
    the original message in binary, decimal or hex, and check that
    it satisfied the requirements, and also, as a massive extended
    feature, I implemented an accuracy analysis of sorts, by randomly
    generating 10kb of messages, encoding each, randomly
    corrupting a specific number of bits in each codeword (with
    repitions allowed), it generated a log file and tracked the success
    or failure of each run, returning the percentage accuracy.

    It also displayed the running time of the test on screen, and
    timed the application using the basic timer available on the faq!
    The whole program was so ludicrously badly designed in
    retrospect - loads of system calls, sleep statements for visual
    effect, and more global arrays than were ever meant to be in a
    program this size! I could do it so much better with what I've
    learned on this site by answering questions and investigating
    solutions - but I'm not crazy enough to redo it yet!

    It probably sounds a lot cooler than it is, I've gone into too much
    detail I'd say, but I was really proud when it worked, primarily
    because it was a 3 person project but my colleagues were very
    lazy and didn't help out much at all. I viewed it as a great
    experience to test my mettle, and I had been moderately
    interested in programming prior to the task, but since then its
    become much more a real interest than coursework. The extra
    features were well received and completely unique.

    My next "big" thing is a Matrix class that uses vectors. It'll
    (hopefully) do lots of mathematical type stuff such as inverting
    matrices, multiply them, compute determinants and so on, as
    well as more basic things such as addition and subtraction of
    other matrices/scalars - all for any size matrix (within reason).
    If it goes well i might keep the mathematical theme going for a
    while, and implement a few algorithms, build them all up together
    to form a personalised mathematics package like MATLAB - time
    will tell.
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