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    I'm not an expert in this field. In a program of mine I have a 100x100 image in an about-dialog that is a screenie from a movie. I'm not making any $ on this program or anything, it's free to the public (or will be in 999 years or so ). Is this a copyright violation?

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    Strictly speaking, yes. You need permission unless disclaimed somewhere. Wikipedia uses similar images under US Fair Use law, so you may be able to claim similar usage.

    Free things don't usually get the lawyers scrambling for the "threatening e-mail" button though.

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    This might answer some of your questions: It sounds like your image would fall in the confines of fair use, but as you can see from the document that it's kind of a gray area.
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    Sweden does not have the 'fair use' from the US copyright law. But since you're not making any money from the program and not hurting the movie economically, using the image surely cannot be a problem.
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    yeah, but if you wanna ask somebody, ask a lawyer before asking the company... there's a bunch of cases where the company, after getting a request, decides to charge huge amounts for stupid little stuff like this. And if you decline, be sure their lawyers are watching you, fingers over their "send cease and desist letter" buttons.
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