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    Greetings from Armenia, Colombia

    As I said, Iīm on holiday at Armenia, Colombia, itīs a small city in the middle of the "Coffee zone", thatīs where the famous Colombian coffee comes from, thatīs in western Colombia, South America if youīre going to look it up in a map.

    Iīm in an Internet place uploading the first 39 photos, and Iīve just been here for a day and a half!

    If you want to view them, goto (try with lowercase if it doesnīt work)

    As soon as I go back home, Iīll explain the pictures, but if you want to, download them, because this is one of the most beautiful places Iīve ever been to.

    If you read the message right now, Iīm uploading the images, so if it doesnīt work, try again a little later, k?




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    Downloading at 247bytes/sec (39min and 2 sec to go) on DSL . It doesn't matter I'll leave my connection open.

    Can you bring me a pack of coffee

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    I did a little better. It took only 13 minutes to download the
    file on my cable modem. Nice pics.

    rick barclay
    No. Wait. Don't hang up!

    This is America calling!

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    I didn't eve get that far, I went away from my pc and when I came back, he said something of a server time out. I'll try some other time

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    Picture "Image0038.JPG" is the best!
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    aaaahhh, Iīm going home tomorrow! and Iīve drank all the coffee there is!

    very beautiful, Iīll upload more photos (80 new) when I get home! Iīve tried in an internet cafe, but itīs not working, so I burned it into a cd and Iīll upload them from home

    Iīll go drink more coffee!

    Itīs a shame to say this, but I donīt know which oneīs the 38th, but Iīm sure itīs good

    bye, and Iīll go home tomorrow, itīs a 6 hours trip, a tough road, but the scenery is beautiful


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