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Only two complaints so far about Oblivion. One is that the the face gen is a little too realistic making most faces in the game look like they've been bashed in with an ugly stick. Other complaint is that the ability wheel is not shown on the screen meaning I have memorize which number key I put all of my action/spells. For a magic using character its a serious pain to have to remember that I put my fireball spell as key '4' instead of say a healing spell while in the middle of a fight.

The only other complaint was not being able to sell stolen items but they've just created a mod to fix that

I haven't noticed any glitches yet really. Awesome game!
My character looks like an indian prince. But a lot of the chicks are kind of "medi-evil" looking. Why not just have Victorian chicks in a medi-evil setting? Is that too much to ask. But I spend a lot of my time hunting and thieving. I just found out the lock-picking system and you can pretty much do a very hard lock without breaking many lock-picks.

I also found some mithril boots that have a constant water walking effect and mithril gloves that have a constant detect life. IT was just in time because I was out in the heartlands and an invisible mountan lion kicked my ass like three times.

And you can sell stolen loot if you're in the thieves guild. In fact, fencing stolen goods is the only way to advance and get real Thieve's guild missions. But you have to go to special people.