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    Thinking about terminology

    Specifically this operator ( << ) and this operator ( >> ) otherwise properly known as Insertion and Extraction, respectively. My first programming teacher, a few semesters ago decided to use the terminology "put to" and "get from" for those operators when teaching the class. While the names are sensible given their operations, I was wondering if you'd ever heard that usage before, because I know I've used that to some very respectable programmers that I've met. Did I sound like an jackass using those terms?
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    I think BS uses the term "put to" in The Design and Evo. of C++ - I remember seeing it in there somewhere.
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    Insertion and extraction sound a bit too technical. If I ever gave them a name I'd probably call them either push/pull or send/receive. :P

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    I know them a left-shift and right-shift. The question is, when you overload an operator, do you also overload its name?

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    I could never get used to variations of "insertion" and "extraction", so I say (sometimes privately) that << is output and >> is input. Then you have the output operator and the input operator, and beginners have a much easier time of following you.
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