>>Decks can be shuffled in such a way that the dealer knows pretty much in advance which cards will turn up for example.

Only in the movies.

All poker tables use a shemi shuffle and then at least a double riffle. No way to track through that and I have tried.

Besides why would croupiers care? Its not our money, we don't get more for winning. If you can take tips (not in Aussie casinos) then you actually get more for losing.....

My objective was to lose as much of the casinos money as possible and I told the punters that.

I have seen scams where a whole shoe (eight decks) was substituted by a punter and a corrupt dealer. Amazing to watch the video.

Teams of 'past posters' and the 'sticky palm' are very common.

Past post is to bet after the outcome, usually someone else distracts the dealer.

The sticky palm is where you put glue in your palm. Then you lean over the table to place a low value bet (next to a high value chip) and stick the high value chip to your palm. The glue means you do not look like you have anything in your hand.