Thread: Who has a degree?

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    Out of scope

    Who has a degree?

    Who here has a Computer Science degree, what level did you get to, and what was your specialized major?
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    No degree, only a diploma in computer science
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    well, I got as far as an associates degree in Computer Systems Management (which is pretty much programming for a business environment)

    but yeah, for now I'm idling, and pretty soon I'm gonna go for B.S./M.S. compsci
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    I was a Comp Sci/Math double major. I got a Bachelor's Degree from VA Tech, no specialization.
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    I study engineering mathematics, master degree.
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    2 months away from BSc. Science, Specialization in Computer Science

    I'm considering an M. Math in Computer Science after but making money also has its appeals.

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    First year studying for a BSc in computer science at Cardiff here. Ages to go

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    pwns nooblars
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    First year Comp Sci student. Though I am going to be taking a year partially off, I am just going to be taking my lower level comp sci classes and possibly some math stuff, but I need a break from school =/.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian
    First year studying for a BSc in computer science at Cardiff here. Ages to go
    Whoa Cardiff South Wales UK Cardiff?
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    First Year Comp Engineering student from's called a 'Bachelor in Engineering' degree here..4 more years to go before i get it though
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    I'm a 4th year Computing Science student at the University of Aberdeen.

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    I completed 3 years of computer science at ga tech, OO Software Development, had to take time off because of family issues but im about to go and finish my last year.
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    2yr degree in CS... currently doing 3rd year at George Mason Univ. Fairfax, VA
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyMaelstrom
    Who here has a Computer Science degree, what level did you get to, and what was your specialized major?
    I have a BA with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.

    I specialized in virtual machines, computer languages, and computer architecture.

    I got my BA in 1981.

    After that, I went to work for Digital Equipment Corporation where I went from being a computer scientist to a Software Engineer, learning the ropes of software engineering from some of the people who invented it.

    I'm now a Senior level software architect/engineer.
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    I worked about halfway through a math/computerscience program at a university, thought it was a waste of time, now I'm enrolled in a marine engineering program at maine maritime academy.
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