Thread: You know you've been programming too long when...

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    1. you can convert binary - octal - decimal - hexadecimal - ANSI character set in less than a second.

    2.You can do bitwise Ands and ORS in a decimal system in your head.

    3.You dream code.

    4. You have had sexual dreams intertwined with coding.

    5. You bought the new intel compiler too see how many clock operations it takes to print "Hello World"

    6. You have made algorithms to solve problems relating to your life.

    7. You know what any of the following stand for and used them:

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    You know you've been programming too long when...

    ... something compiles on the first try... and you get suspicious.

    ... you code a program to draw your graph for math class, because you can't find your ruler

    ... you know how to set the 'act as a part of the operating system' priviledge in Win2K

    ... you suspect people not to work with your programs if they don't report bugs and don't want new features implemented

    ... you come to work greeting people with 'how's the database' instead of 'how are you'

    ... you get a tech joke list and laugh about every single one

    ... even if you knew them already

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    - your friends have access to your privates;

    - your children know more than you do.

    The definition of "OOP"s in C++

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