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    God pong -update

    [sarcastic] I fixed all the problems with god pong and created the best pong game ever [/sarcastic]

    Actuly all I did was add joystick and mouse support. Do to crapness I have included the sorce so any sugestions on how to fix bugs will be apresiaded.

    You can download god pong here

    BTW Some bugs are only documeted in the sorce code.
    To Err Is To Be Human. To Game Is Divine!"

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    I was having problems playing the game. The first time I tried it, it brought my PC to a crawl. I have a VERY powerful PC also

    Then when I tried it again the game came in and went out. It's done this everytime since then.


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    I got it to start on my poor old P166 but it just went out like Fool said
    heh looks good for the split second it was on

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    There should be a text file called stdout, in the same dictonary as the exe file. This file is automaticly created.
    To Err Is To Be Human. To Game Is Divine!"

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