Thread: Why does Dev-C++ not look for my include

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    Why does Dev-C++ not look for my include

    HI I am using Dev-C++ and I was trying to work on something new. I am trying to use SDK 5.1 for TTS but when I "#include <sapi.h>" it says its not there. Will I look for the file include and found it in SDK... but I dont get why the compiler says its not there? Is there something I miss on when I was trying to use it?

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    Try replacing the < and > with "s and specify the full path to your include, i.e:-
    #include "C:\stuff\SDK\sapi.h"
    And we'll go from there.

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    Or you can move the relavent header files to your compiler's include directory. Or best of all, add the SDK's include directory to your compiler's includes search path. For GCC:
    gcc -Ic:\somewhere\include\ hippo.c -o hippo.exe
    In Dev-C++ it's in the compiler options somewhere ("Extra include directories").

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    You also have to have all of your files in a project if is a header file you made
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