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    64-bit programming

    What is the difference in writing code for a 32-bit platform and a 64-bit platform. Are there new data types? Or will I just be able to use larger data types more often (since XP64,vista and 64-bit linux distros support much larger RAM sizes).

    My question is basically: how do you port code to 64-bit? what's the difference?

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    apart from the different length numeric data types there's no fundamental difference between code for 16 and 32 bit compilers (not counting optional libraries depending on OS specific calls of course).
    I don't see why the situation should be any different when moving from 32 to 64 bits.

    Porting should therefore pretty much be restricted to making sure you're not relying on the length of numeric fields in for example mapping of memory structures.

    But I've not done it.

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