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    Networking or C++

    Hi im currently a student and i have been trying to learn C++ for the past several months but im just baffeled by it i find it too hard so i was thinkin of learning Networking instead! i mean what do you guys suggest i should carry on with C++ and try and learn it or just go for networking?

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    Well ask yourself a few questions first, like what are you learning either of them for?

    If you are stopping because it is too hard though, I wouldn't bother learning networking either. Sure the basics are easy but so are the basics of programming, when it gets to the CISSP level, it will be more difficult and you will need to start reading a lot, and get first hand experience.

    Why not just stick with programming, and forget about it being too hard, just relax and just take it a little at a time. Change whatever book you are reading if you are finding it difficult to understand. Some people find different sources of knowledge better than others, so just experiment a little.

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    I've heard that the networking cetifications from CISCO are really very hard in the higher levels... Similar to what John_ said, if you're having difficulty in learning the language, you may need a change in your methods. Maybe you need a tutor or friend that can help you out. Maybe you just need that little extra push. I know I did when I first learned the language.

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    Im currently following a networking course with cisco ( ccna )... and just passed my ccna1 course yesterday.

    Its not that hard but in the beginning it is alot of theoretical things such as OSI model TCP/IP model etc etc ...

    The same applies with programming although with programming you can start out experimenting on your own from day one, with networking that's just a bit more difficult since you first need a very good understanding of how everything works.

    @major_small: although ccna is the lowest level of networking with cisco I still find it very difficult ( since it is so much theory ). Also the fact that you need to achieve 70% as a minimum to pass the exam doesnt make things easier... Funny enough i had around 75% on my theory exam , but passed with a 100% on my skill exam ( im a happy man now )

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