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    Free SVN server + problem changing name/pass after checkout

    Do you know of any good free SVN server? I stumbled across but wanted to hear if you know a good/better one.

    EDIT: Also, I'm using Tortoise as the client. When checking out a repository you supply a username/password. I (stupidly) checked the "remember username/password" button but now I want to change to another name/pass, where can I do this? I cannot find it. Checking out in another folder still remembers the name/pass.
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    To clear your username/password, right click anywhere in a folder and go TortoiseSVN->Settings and there is a button marked "Clear Now".

    Thanks for that link.

    Doesn't the new Sourceforge offer SVN hosting now?

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    The Sourceforge svn support is still under beta testing, but will be open for all sometime later this year (February, apparently).
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    416 for gpl compatable projectsonly. They have both cvs and svn available I believe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magos
    Do you know of any good free SVN server? I stumbled across but wanted to hear if you know a good/better one.
    What I like about that site is that it provides trac. Nothing, nothing, beats trac.
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    I do not know if is better than, but i saw users migrating to assembla.

    you can take a look at their site, they have free svn/trac/maillist and more tools will come like sugar crm/alfresco. all these tools has centralized authentification mechanism that makes it easy to build a team and start a project.

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    There's also The very same site where it is hosted. However I reckon they have restraints on the projects they host.

    And Berlios. A very mature Open Source project hosting website.

    Both work with the Subversion system
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