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    Question Mingw documentation

    Can some one tell me where to find the information to errors & warnings reported by mingw gcc.
    I searched and found their documentation site...
    there I found the c++ manual 'GCC 3.2.3 CPP Manual' at
    GCC 3.2.3 Manual at
    But the first one gave info on c++ and second one on the compiler. What I require is the actual explanation on the error statements that it gives.
    Can any one post a link

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    I find most of them to be pretty self-explanatory.
    Is there one in particular you're having problems understanding?

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    Not now...

    I posted the code in c++ programming
    the 2nd sentence said 'add <> after the function name'
    Well I added only '<>'
    Actually I had to add '< n >' were n was a parameter & I found out that only after the board search. Besides most c++ books tell you about
    1) friends, 2)inside/outside class defenition, 3) templates but not an instance where all of them come together...

    more over in my prestandard compiler there is an error lookup help file where you can look up wierd and rare errors and the correct syntax will be given.
    P.S. Yes once you've seen all the errors, they are self explanatory. I won't forget this error statement and its cure any more. And in due course, I will have seen all of them and won't need such an error/warning lookup file.
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