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    I dislike VB for appropriate reasons:

    • Interface has nothing to do with underlying data
    • Class objects are not objects in the true sense of the word
    • VB has been made to look like an object-oriented language when we all know it's roots come from a non-object oriented setup
    • VB is quick and fast to use, yet you sacrifice loads of power as opposed to using something like MFC for your app
    • VB's speed of execution is below par and certainly not up to C/C++
    • VB attempts to be quick and simple and it is which is why anytime you try to do something just a little outside of the box, it craps out and works against you
    • VB's error handling has not been improved since the dawn of BASIC which is a major oversight given that error handling system was based on goto's (either line or label) and gosub's
    • Sub-classing controls becomes messy and is not nearly as simple and straightforward as C/C++.
    • The message-based simplicity of Windows is buried deep inside of VB and if the control you are using does not receive the message you can't write a handler for it. AFAIK you cannot write a handler to intercept messages and route them as you would want
    • Linking to DLLs is an extremely messy proposition as well as calling the API from inside of VB. I believe this has been changed in VB .NET, but I could care less to try it.
    • VB is not fast enough for games, not designed for them, and therefore that means I've no interest in it.

    I could go on and on.

    Use what you need to get the job done, but I detest VB. But my bro-in-law uses it extensively at work so yes companies use it, but many of these same issues have been raised by him as well.
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    VB is useful. It gets people to quickly create small utilities for internal use in companies.
    Sadly it's also used to write large complex systems that it's really not designed to, and which subsequently give the entire product a bad name.

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