Thread: What time do you sleep?

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    I usually turn in at 2AM, school or no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stovellp
    For those of you interested in maximising your awake time but keeping your energy levels up, checkout Polyphasic Sleeping:
    I can't imagine that that's very good for you at all.

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    Schooldays: From 01:00+ till 07:00.
    Weekends: From 02:00 - 03:00 till 13:00.
    Holidays: From 04:00+ till 14:00 - 16:00.

    I am always very tired at holidays.

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    Schooldays: Usually around 12-02 to arund 7-10.40
    I've got a very varied schedual with a lot of really late starts

    Weekends: Whenever I feel like it -> Whenever I feel like it... usualy before 6 am though since if I'm awake after that people get mad at me for waking them up.

    Breaks: See Weekends....

    Read the stuff about the polyphasic sleep, interresting I've got a strnog urge to try it out, might do it next summer when I've got plenty of time...
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    I'm a very uhhh. Unroutine Sleeper. I would say on average I got to sleep around 3am, and end up waking up around twleve pm. I dont really sleep any earlier for school. The only time I wake up early, is when I was never asleep in the first place. :P.
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    Generally I go to sleep about 12pm-2am, then wake up from about 5:30am to 10am, depending on what I've got on.

    The longest I've ever slept in was until about 3pm, once, and next longest was about 11am. Longest without sleep has been about 40 hours, which I've done several times.

    As I write this, it's after midnight, and I still have a litre of solo to get through before it goes flat, this lack of sleep might possibly be why I'm told I look perpetually stoned.

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